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» 13 de junho de 2020

If you love driving your car in impossible slopes, with certainty will love to fly and build your own path in Dumb Riders! Try three difficult stages where the goal […]

» 26 de maio de 2020

Win an exciting race in 3 dimensions! Zero more than 6 exciting phases on the moon. If you want to, challenge another player to participate in racing cars to 2 […]

» 8 de maio de 2020

Drive several loading trucks in the real game City Truck Simulator in a big city! Transporting the materials to the destinations of the map.

» 10 de abril de 2020

Defeat all enemy ninjas to save the princess. Use your hero’s incredible art skills to knock out enemies and earn lots of coins. Get the best ranking to unlock new […]

» 3 de abril de 2020

Play a game of mini Golf super fun Mini Golf Adventure! Make several strokes with skill and do the maximum points to be the winner! – Play Mini Golf Adventure […]

» 23 de mar├žo de 2020

Has the ability to Neymar and speed of Cristiano Ronaldo? Then put his shirt and go to the field, because this game is for you. The dolls of the players […]

» 6 de novembro de 2019

Make combinations with very valuable jewelry! To complete each stage brings together a number of three different types of jewelry. With a limited amount of moves, swap the position of […]

» 7 de outubro de 2019

Stir the candy on the board in order to collect the largest number of sweets making cracks with them. Be quick to fulfill the goal of sweets because time is […]

» 9 de setembro de 2019

Help the ninja to catch valuable coins in this fun adventure. With the ninja running alone, make it Skip to not to hurt yourself with the peaks. Grab all the […]

» 23 de agosto de 2019

n unknown virus appeared on the planet where lives a race of cats,and turned many of them into zombies. Now the hordes of monsters are attacking the cities and are […]

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